Sunday :: Oct 31, 2004

Iím Driving

by paradox

I had serious plans for planning Election Dayófiercely earnest thoughts about 2 days off, air horns, confetti, music, guest lists, and screaming on the roof when Bush loses. With the air horn. Nothing was remotely set, but whatever it was, it was going to be Big.

Long before there were blogs and even before Bush was sworn in Iíve been pounding keyboards and railing against the theft of American Democracy in the ether. Ask Lisa English, she knows. This was going to be one of the most extraordinary days in the history of the Republic, and I was taking the next day off tooóIím not sleeping that night, thatís obvious.

But then myÖmyÖemployer ordered my cravenly-in-servitude ass to LA on the 3rd. I have to travel Election Day and be a functional corporate individual the next.

Okay okay, just shut up, vote and be in LA by 1:00. Take the day off and tune in with the laptop and tv at the hotel. Because fucking San Jose will never get any respect, the flight back gets me in 8 hours after the last meeting in LA Thursday.

I grimly envisioned this scenario and vividly remembered a sharp airport inspector in Denver tenaciously twisting a backpack pocket and finding a long-lost pocketknife given to me in my teens by the gentlest human I have ever known. Iím still ashamed at how I gave it up without a fight, only relieved that they understood and that I wasnít in any trouble.

A crackling overlay to this sadness was the recent news that infiltration test teams had made a total screaming mockery to the sacrifice of my fourth amendment rights in airports. Then I got seriously creased thinking of the wait for the flight homeóask anything of me in this world, just not to wait, Jesus save me.

You know what? The long-term parking bus, the hosed de-regulated airlines, the bill of rights robbers and God all horrible food can kiss my tight white ass. Cancel those awful flights, hombre! Iíve been SoCal on wheels hundredsía times, way before there was even an eye-five, I ainít lying. Hereís the big-ass fat finger to the friendly skies, thatís right, fuck you, Iím driving.

I gotta sweet Civic American heartland heartbreaker with vtec, halogen, tight tranny and touring tires. Iíll be tired but this wonít be shit, Iíve been way more tired in the past than this will bring and been just fine. The good CHP wonít be happy to hear this, but the distractions of really seeing my beloved home state and thinking on the road are too good to pass up. I can think and drive on that eye-five all-alone drone, my does that sound fine.

Changed the oil, got new wipers, checked the flares. Hey it ainít like Doc going to LA in Cannery Row, okay, but nothingís going to take away my chance at wandering thoughts on this drive.

Think about what would have happened to the country if a really intelligent President had had the powers and advantages the Chimperor was given. The way the Democrats in DC gave up for a lightweight like BushÖsomebody with real human cunning and charisma who wasnít stupid enough to go after Iraq could have sealed Republican dominion for 40 years.

Think about the harvest and the coming orange crop and the water supply as I go over the great central valley aqueducts. See the fattening lots at Harriss Ranch and wonder if beef will ever be safe to eat in this country. Wonder if that dream of starting your own sourdough crock and always having fresh house sourdough every day will ever happen.

Inevitably wander into realms of session cookies, databases, css positioning, php security, content management systems, image storage control, user acceptance testing, query scripts, form rules, training, and launch triage. Iím a total happy nethead and Iím damn proud of it. I live for the user experience through the browser, whatever you want or need, baby, and I would be a nobody from nowhere doiní nothiní if it werenít for http. I thank God for the Internet every day.

Think about Markos and Steve and Mary, about MeteorBlades, Kevin, Billmon, Natasha, Duncan, DemFromCT, Marisacat, Yuval, Marie, Pessimist, Duckman, Matt, larre, CA Pol Junkie, soccerdad, Maryscott, Mathew, Steve, Melanie, Lisa, Thumb, Elizabeth, Nick, Molly, Mark, DavidÖ.all my friends and acquaintances from the political blogs.

Bless you. Bless you for being such heroes, such manifestly honorable American citizens and humans. I just gotta say itís been a total honor to have hung around the last 2.5 years, thank you very much for everything. You know what? Weíre just getting started, all you sonazabitches out there who are too dense to see what we are, and the People are getting their Democracy back, I tell you that.

If you donít believe me Iím going to spend the rest of my life in the code making sure one day you eventually do. My path isnít as a blogger but Iím just starting too. Watch out, thatís all Iím gonna say.

Thatís where Iíll be on Election Day, folks. Dreaming and thinking American dreams in my Japanese car, all alone on the eye-five drone. Everythingís going to be all right.

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