Sunday :: Oct 31, 2004

Has Gallup Seen the Light?

by rayman

Steve has justifiably been hammering Gallup over the past few weeks for their ridiculous polling methods. Well, either we finally got to Frank Newport and the gang, or they've seen the light, because these latest numbers look mighty encouraging, though still confusing. The Cliffs Notes version:

In PA, Kerry is up 49-47 RV but down 50-46 (huh?) in LV.

In Florida, Kerry is up leading 49-46 for LV and 49-45 for RV.

In Iowa, Bush is ahead 48-46 LV and 47-46 RV.

In Ohio, Kerry is up 50-46 LV and 51-44(!) RV.

In Wisconsin, Kerry is up 52-44 LV but down 49-46 RV (whaa?).

Also, according to this Kos diary, the Gallup poll shows Kerry winning indies by 48-40, although I didn't find this in the CNN link.

Again, this is a Gallup poll, so take it with several grains of salt, particularly until we see the party ID's.

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