Monday :: Nov 1, 2004

Ohio Supreme Court Approves Voter Intimidation

by larre

Tonight, a majority of the Ohio Supreme Court, without opinion, summarily reversed an earlier trial court decision which had restricted the presence of partisan "challengers" inside actual polling places.

The net effect of this unexplained decision is to allow state Republicans to gang up multiple "challengers" inside single polling places.

Justices Resnick and Sweeney dissented, citing prior Ohio court precedent as well as the majority's flouting of long-accepted common law doctrine that "the court should not so readily grant extraordinary relief..." when the most directly affected parties -- voters whose franchise rights are to be tested -- "are not named parties and are effectively barred from opposing the emergency relief."

Democracy does not die. It simply loses its appeal.


Need I add that the majority of the ostensibly non-partisan Ohio Supreme Court is Republican? The shameful cancer of Bush v. Gore is metastacizing throughout the Republic's once honorable judicial system.

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