Monday :: Nov 1, 2004

Certainties About Tomorrow

by Steve

What I Know About Tomorrow:

First, I know that the GOP has already systematically seen to it that legitimate voters of color will be disenfranchised tomorrow through overt ethnic cleansing of the voter rolls in heavily minority areas.

Second, I know that the GOP will engage the services of thousands of “good Americans” whose sole job tomorrow will be to harass legitimate voters away from exercising their constitutional rights, with the support of GOP state Supreme Courts. These same “good Americans” will then claim their moral superiority over their fellow man and look God in the face this Sunday as if they are truly one of his children.

Third, I know that Fox News and the rest of the Mighty Wurlitzer will begin awarding states to George W. Bush prematurely tomorrow night for the sole reason of establishing in voters’ minds the inevitability of a Bush victory, so that any deviation from that by actual results at the polls can immediately be attributable to Democratic fraud or dirty tricks.

Fourth, in any state where Kerry wins by less than 2% the GOP will call immediately for a recount, file court actions claiming fraud, and challenge the results for as long as it takes for the rest of the media to adopt that line of thinking. Yet Kerry will, to the GOP’s surprise, have planned for this by having more money available than them to fight any recount wars.

Fifth, just as sure as the sun will come up on Wednesday, GOP officeholders in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona will through the use of Diebold and other GOP-friendly computer voting machinery make Democratic votes disappear and put the word out through friendly media that Bush has won a state even before all votes have been counted.

Sixth, there will be states and races where the Democrats go into the polls tomorrow ahead and find themselves the victim of amazing last-minute shifts of votes to the GOP that were unsupported by any pre-election polls. In some cases, votes will simply not be counted.

Seventh, the weather will play a factor in Democratic turnout in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and perhaps New Mexico, and it will be up to the commitment of individual voters and the Democratic GOTV efforts to make the weather irrelevant.

And lastly, I know that all things being equal and absent GOP fraud and illegality, John Kerry will win by several points at least, on the backs of thousands and perhaps millions of newly registered and first time voters who want their country back and will have voted early, unaccounted for in any poll.

I also know that the best way to ensure that the Rethuglicans don’t steal this democracy one more time for their private interests is for each one of us to vote as early in the day as possible, help others to do the same, and then point out to your local media over and over again what the GOP is doing to destroy a legitimate election and our democracy.

Now, it’s your turn to make your predictions about how tomorrow will go and who will win, and where.

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