Tuesday :: Nov 2, 2004

Get out and Vote

by Duckman GR

And take someone with you! And please, Democrats or Kerry/Edwards supporters only.

I don't know about you, but this has been the longest, most exhaustive campaign since Hannibal crossed the Alps, since Zhukov marched to the gates of Berlin. Or maybe it's been more like the battle for Guadalcanal, only longer, a brutal fight, where 2 evenly matched foes fought each other with everything they had, one side sure of their superiority, battle hardened and as ruthless and cold blooded as ever has been seen, the other full of anger at a treacherous attack, determined, energized, boldly challenging the dominant power on their own ground.

And that one turned out pretty well in the end. Although at a tremendous cost in life and limb, but one that had to be made.

Tomorrow, the costs may not be so violently apparent, but it is the same fight against a foe who would deny us our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Over the top? Maybe. Melodramatic? Perhaps.

But I'm looking at my local Sierra Club newsletter, the Hi Sierran, and there's an article about a new study that finds that 21% of women of childbearing age tested higher for mercury levels higher than the EPA limit for mercury. And we know mercury is deadly and extremely toxic. And the levels correlate to fish consumption. Don't eat fish then, but too bad if you like fish!

They do dirty tricks too, to suppress the vote, as we’ve seen, but they don’t limit themselves just to dirty tricks you know. The U.S. Justice department under John "Stormtrooper" Ashcroft is actively litigating against Americans voting franchise, against the right of Americans to vote. These are truly disgusting actions taken by this malAdministration, actions directly contravening the very notion of freedom and democracy.

Through it all we wonder how people can support bush. How is it possible that a man who simply cannot take responsibility for his decisions, a man who jokes about WMD's and dictatorships and not having to answer to anyone for his actions, how this man can have the support of any Americans, let alone 45% of the voting electorate.

I think that people view, as people are wont to do, bush piecemeal. As they do the election. A label here, a label there. A lady at work today was telling me how the Democrats could have gotten her vote if they had only picked someone more middle of the road, like Lieberman I guess, than a radical like Kerry. But she doesn’t know what Senator Kerry actually stands for, what he’s actually done, because that message doesn’t get distributed. Too much substance there. She’d rather focus on the label of liberal, and that dirty rotten stinking lawyer running mate. Never mind that he’s prosecuted criminals, killed people with his bare hands, broke up a major crime ring centered in the Reagan White House. Let’s look at the pieces.

I listened to the reporters discussing the "race" tonight, as if those lazy and overpaid sellout hacks matter, and I realized that they give legitimacy to bush, since he's one of the candidates, he has equal standing with the other candidates, he's presidential in stature. Sure, he's as presidential as Miny Me, but hey, the media hoors gotta earn their keep somehow, right?

People view this as a couple of typical pol's going toe to toe, but it isn't. Because one of those "pol's" is a fraud. And his name is george w bush. bush is not interested in politics and democracy, he's interested in power, power as a means to fulfill his and his supporters goals and dreams.

Every time you say to yourself, how can he do that, or how can he do that, doesn't he care about the institution or park or law, you're falling into the frame of bush. Because he doesn't care, because those things are not why he's in politics. He's in it to prove his daddy wrong. He's in it to prove his surrogate daddy's right. By enabling their dreams and visions and lustful gluttonous desires.

For instance, the courts, the public, the laws, have all told bush that snowmobiles must go from Yellowstone. The judge threw out that case so righteously no one in their right mind would try again. But bush has, because the snowmobile lobby wants it, and that is all that matters to bush and rove and cheney. So bushco tries another method or process to get what they want. And the media reports it that way, when they bother to do any work of course. They report on the process, the horserace, the strategies.

But they never report on the correctness of the endeavor, just the logistics of it. Should bush be pursuing this snowmobile issue never come into the coverage.

So that is why people continue to support this loathesome little man and his disastrous policies, because they look at the parts, like the three blind guys trying to describe the elephant. And nobody knows what the damn thing is.

bush is like the Menendez brothers, a pathetic, insecure, useless loser. Only too many people can't see that. But they will see it Tuesday night, despite all of the cheating, undemocratic vote suppressing, fraud, machine rigging and threats. bush is going down, and it ain't gonna be pretty. But it's going to be a beautiful thing. So don't miss it people, vote the thugs out! Viva John F Kerry! Let's kick the W out of the White House. Hell, let's kick it out of the Alphabet!

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