Tuesday :: Nov 2, 2004

Neapolitan Nation

by pessimist

With the obvious exceptions of FAUX News and Tom Brokaw's swan song session as NBC News anchor, the electoral issue is still in doubt as far as the other networks are concerned. But they are all showing the same graphic of the states as won by the candidates, which got me to thinking about what that graphic represents.

Let's get the Red States out of the way first. What you have here are the historical states - states whose self-image is tied up with certain myths that involve individual acts of strength and courage in the face of great adversity. These states combine the Confederacy with the Old West, and if one thinks about it, all of George W. Bu$h'$ 'values' fit right in with both popular mythos.

But what of the rest of the nation?

From the mill towns of the Northeast through the domain of the empire builders, tracking the bones of the industrial belt which range from the anthracite mines of Appalachia to the iron mines of the Mesabi Range, and to the factories in between which combined the two into the implements which defeated the Confederacy and tamed the Wild West - these are John F. Kerry's victory states (with the possible exception of Ohio as I write this). This part of America has been left behind by the part of America which supports the blind ambitions of the BFEE/PNAC Petroleum Pirate Posse and their Planetary Power and Domination Plans. It's the part of the nation which has lost the high-paying jobs, and which is rotting away without any means of delaying the decay.

Because this part of the nation destroyed the aforementioned historical portions, 'honor' requires that it be dominated and subdued, made subservient and forced to capitulate. In many parts of the nation, this is already underway. This isn't going to ease up at any time soon - those who seek to express their glee at the currently apparent victory of George W. Bu$h have far too much fun at everyone else's expense. It's going to become a way of life for the forseeable future.

But what of the remaining section? This is the one part which has a history, but also has a future. America's portion of the Pacific Rim is the New Frontier, the part of the nation which will have even more contact with the growing might of China than it already has. It is the part of the nation where technological advances are more likely to be created. California alone rates among the top ten in terms of 'national' economic power (which assumes for this argument that California was a stand alone nation). This is the section which might have a chance of surviving in some recognizable form now that the United States of America has been taken by the Dark Side to pursue the continued exploitation of the rest of the world in the continuing effort to keep from having to make changes in 'Owwer Way Uv Life'.

We are about to descend into Hell on Earth - constant war, a universal draft, expanded police state powers, more economic concentration in the hands of the Toppers - and more surrender of our civil rights. The only nation which stands to benefit from this national self-immolation is China.

I've written a lot about the rise of China at the expense of the US, of which the foreign policies of Bu$hCo take no public notice, so I won't go into all that now. But this nation made a bad choice tonight, and we will thus suffer the consequences for our rashness.

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