Wednesday :: Nov 3, 2004

Open Thread

by Mary

Despite our best hopes, but certainly not outside the realms of our nightmares, we have another presidential election which is undecided as we go to bed. Although the Republicans have declared a win, Ohio is still not decided. And if Karl Rove can parlay a loss of 304 votes into a win, then I believe we have a real obligation to hold out until we have definitive proof. Remember, it is the Bushies that have problems with reality - we on the other hand do have a better track record of using facts to base our reality.

Some thoughts about this evening:

  1. Greg Palast's column from Monday reports that before the official vote on Tuesday, the Kerry campaign was already down almost a million votes by a number of tactics including removing legal voters from the voting rolls, and by the fact that almost 1 out of 10 ballots from the poorest precincts are "spoiled" and thus thrown out.
  2. How much discrepancy is there between the exit polls and the vote tallies for areas using e-Voting?
  3. If the Republicans win everything, like they hope they have, they also have total responsibility for the world they create. All the problems that have been incipient such as the disastrious fiscial policy, the catastrophy waiting our country in Iraq and the total blindness of what global warming means for the world, everyone of these things will be failures on their watch. The one silver lining in the Democratic picture is that we cannot be held responsible for total failure of these significantly important issues which the Bush administration has failed to address or has already totally screwed up. These issues are so critical that it would take a miracle to fix them and anyone waiting for Bush to address them should remember that he had a lot to do with making these crises worse.

Perhaps someday historians will write about this election and try to figure out why it was the time that America decided to back the cowardly liar rather than a genuine hero and what that means for our democracy.

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