Wednesday :: Nov 3, 2004

More-Oil Values

by pessimist

The main issue being bandied about this morning on the talking head shows that masquerade as informative news sources is that 'the voters chose moral values' over the other pressing issues facing this nation. I submit to you that such voters don't know the meaning of the word 'moral'.

Here's how I see it:

I am having a party. It is such a good party that I'm going through my ice faster than my refrigerator can replace it. Because the party is going so well, I don't want to have to change anything or make do with a lesser substitute lest someone not have as good a time. I'd go to the store for more, but that would take me away from the good times too long, and I might miss somthing fun! So I'll just go next door to your house and take what I want from your refrigerator. If you object, I'll beat you mercilessly, rape your wife and kill your kids. Then I'll take your silver to compensate me for having to take such violent actions against you for obstructing my God-given right to MY ice inside YOUR refrigerator. You aren't allowed to interrupt God's Party!

You know, since the party is still going on, I'll continue to use YOUR refrigerator to have YOU make MY ice, because I don't want to run out again. While I'm at it, your neighbor on the other side of you has a much bigger freezer, and he doesn't party at all! Why shouldn't I help myself to more of MY ice which now sits in HIS refrigerator? I need it, and he's not using it at all! Here's the Word of MY God to show that I have the right - believe it or die!

That's what all of you get for being a threat to MY God-given rights to partying and enjoyment!

I'm really glad that karma isn't a realistic expectation, for this nation would be in for one hell of a shock when it came time to pay the retribution piper! That would be in the persons of those Guys from Shanghai who would be putting a meter on the water lines into those refrigerators.

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