Thursday :: Nov 4, 2004

Blaming the Latte Drinking Urban Cultural Liberals

by Mary

Salon has a whole slew of people commenting on the election. Ellen Willis, a journalism professor at New York University and the author of "Don't Think, Smile!: Notes on a Decade of Denial", points up one fallacy I've seen in some of the election reviews:

What you see already this year is that Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times and Thomas Frank [author of "What's the Matter With Kansas?"] are already scapegoating cultural liberals. The argument is that we've let ourselves get separated from the heartland. Why don't all these people in Ohio who are losing their jobs vote Democratic? Well, according to this argument it's because liberals are all these effete East Coast elitists who are out of touch with "regular people."

I don't know about your experience with working with people to get out the vote, but I spent my time with union members. These guys and gals were committed and just as impassioned as I am for a fair and just society. They care about who fights in the wars and are those wars just, does everyone have healthcare, what kinds of jobs are available, and can your kids get a good education. These are some of the issues that brought them out to pound the pavement and get on the phone and call people. Many I met are religious people too, but their churches remind them that social justice is a Christian value too. I don't accept that Democrats don't speak for the regular people - we are just as American as any one in Utah or in South Carolina or in Texas and I'm proud to have this creative, hard-working and caring set of folk on my side in this battle.

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