Friday :: Nov 5, 2004

Time to Get Mad

by Mary

So we've spent time grieving the election and wondering what was wrong with the American public that so many people would vote for a lying, incompetent warmonger.

Let me tell you, it's time to get over being sad and depressed. It's time to get mad. Because just like 2000, the Bush cabal has stolen another election - but this time they did a better job of hiding their tracks. But, the clues are there for anyone willing to look.

Here are some interesting crumbs to start to follow in this tale of how they did their dastardly deed (thanks aaa). (click to enlarge)


This graphic shows how the exit polls correspond to the tallyed votes for paper ballots vs electronic voting machines (first row shows the paper ballots, the bottom two rows show what the electronic systems recorded).

And then you might want to look at this post from 12thharmonicblog (via the Sideshow):

There are questions about the reliability of the exit polls. The exit polls are reliable, the vote results are not. The exit polls matched the vote in every place with a paper trail, the vote ‘mysteriously’ gave Bush a lead that contradicted the exit polls in every area without a paper trail- Come on people!!!

Or look at this page which shows the astonishing vote differences of the actual vote count to the expected vote count in Florida, especially in the smaller counties - and in every case to the detriment of the Democrats.

And if you think it would be hard to steal the election when using unauditable systems, consider what wrote (emphasis mine):

Switching 5 votes per machine is probably all it would take to throw an election and nobody would ever see it unless someone compares the computer totals and exit polls. I am still very concerned about the remark of Walden O'Dell a Republican fund raiser and CEO of Diebold, which makes voting machines saying he would deliver Ohio for President Bush. Someone (not me) should look into this carefully. The major newspapers actually recounted all the votes in Florida last time. Maybe this year's project should be looking at the exit polls. If there are descrepancies between the exit polls and the final results in touch-screen counties but not in paper-ballot counties, that would be a signal.

Stop beating up the Democrats. Stop beating up the American public. Stop beating up the campaign and for God's sake, stop beating up Kerry. It wouldn't have mattered if we had gotten every last American to the polls and they all voted Democrat, the vote would have been rigged to give Bush the edge.

Now it's time to expose the fraud. And it's time to make sure they can never steal another election by really fixing the problems in the way America votes.

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