Saturday :: Nov 6, 2004

The Liberal Media in Action

by Duckman GR

To their credit, the Fallujah story is the kind of thing they do well, and the kind of reporting that the rest of the teevee news do not do at all. I hope you had the chance to watch the NewsHour Friday night. I hope you did it on an empty stomach. Hereís a summation.

Fallujah will be razed with 20mm gatling guns, missiles and overwhelming firepower. If youíre a young man in the city, you will be killed. We will in fact, kill them all and let almighty god in whom we trust sort Ďem out. There may or may not be hundreds of thousands of civilians in the city, but that is of no consequence. Because, you know, as an occupying power we have no responsibility to the occupied, only to our own interests. Thatís what makes us so welcome by the Iraqi people, donít you know.

As we were watching it Mrs. Duckman kept yelling out, "Video games for the masses, reality teevee!" I shushed her, but c'mon, we all know how well that works.

The exit polls (audio file only at this time) were wrong, they were flawed because the republicans didnít talk to the pollers and the evil Democrats, so eager to influence the outcome, and aided and abetted by those treasonous liberal media folks, sought to influence those exit polls to favor John Kerry. 150,000 people polled by the privately run consortium of exit pollers, and they all had their walking papers.

The election was won because george w bush ran a superior campaign, he was the more likable candidate, he had the better stand on issues. The exit polls, which have been wrong twice since theyíve been doing it and both times were when bush was running, were wrong until they were adjusted, and 51 percent is a landslide. Oh, and we need to appeal to the 11 southern states if we want to garner power back. And we need to be careful how we exercise filibusters and how we manage our powerlessness, because george w bush owns us, and itís up to him to decide what role the Democrats will play in the next four years. And, ďuh, um, itís, let me say this, Jim, that itís true, um, uh, ah, er, that, we, erm, try to work better.Ē

Got that, Democrats. 51% is a landslide. Cheating, cheating that probably stole the election for bush, is irrelevant. The South won the Civil War. Death rules. We will destroy that village, and who cares if we save it after that.

I don't know where we are going to get the facts, the truth, about what happens in Fallujah, but we need to. 1 of 3 things will happen there, 1) We use overwhelming force and destroy the place, with lots or few civilian casualties, 2) we suffer a relatively large number of U.S. casualties, or 3) the insurgents sortof melt away like they did during the "war" and rejoin at a later date. Okay, a 4th, we kill crap loads of insurgents, winning the hearts and minds of the Arab world and Iraq and all those families of the dead.

Here's a snippet of the show, my bolds.

JIM LEHRER: Meanwhile, what happens now to the Democratic Party? What kind of role... we talked last night on this program about the president's agenda with a Republican Congress. What role does the Democratic Party play now in the government of the United States?

DAVID BROOKS: I would say that's up to Bush. I think power corrupts and that could corrupt the Republicans and powerlessness corrupts and that could corrupt the Democrats. It's easy when you have no power to go off and become irresponsible. So I think it's very important for the president for his own sake to give Democrats some real sense that we're involved in this government because if he doesn't it becomes like that Tory Party England or the Israeli-Palestinian. When you've got no power, you just have no incentive to be responsible.


DAVID BROOKS: You can't be negative. I think there are several reasons Tom Daschle lost but I think that issue was one of the issues that hurt him; that he seemed obstructionist and negative. There were other issues. So you just can't be a negative force. You have to be a positive force.

JIM LEHRER: And you think the president will allow them to do that?

DAVID BROOKS: I hope so. I'm not confident about that.

Democrats can't even be powerless without the right trying to threaten our uselessness! And it doesn't matter if we are or are not obstructionist and negative, just so long as it seems that way.

Isn't there an old saying about if I'm going to pay for this later whether I do it or not, I might as well go ahead and do it? Usually associated with marital infidelity, but works on the political level too.

Shields almost called bush a liar, but implied it, he might as well just say it.

Bush Lies!

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