Monday :: Nov 8, 2004

Poultry Politicians

by pessimist

Now that Bu$hCo has successfully attained the legitimate-looking electoral victory it has desired since December of 2000, it's no more Mr. Nice Tyrant. Ask the people of Samarra and Fallujah if you have any doubts. But this post isn't about that situation, worthy of attention that it is.

The Democratic Party is self-destructing. Party cohesion and unity took a terrible - and maybe fatal - hit with the Exit Poll Surprise Electoral Coup of 2004. Many members, unable to assuage their egos with successful achievement in Congress, are turning tail and running for home. It won't help them, as Bu$hCo sharks smell blood in the water:

Three Senators Consider Bids for Governor

In a sign of growing Democratic powerlessness and despair in Washington after Tuesday's elections, Senator Christopher J. Dodd is considering running for governor of Connecticut in 2006, fellow lawmakers and an adviser to the senator said yesterday. Mr. Dodd, who was just re-elected to a fifth term on Tuesday, recently declined to make a bid for the minority leader's post in the United States Senate after it became clear that Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the No. 2 Democrat in the chamber, had rounded up enough support from his colleagues to be formally elected leader later this month.

He won't compete, he won't stay in the Senate because he can't win.

Why do we continue to support Democrats like this?

Instead, Mr. Dodd is turning his attention to the idea of helping Democrats reclaim the governorship of Connecticut after nearly a decade of Republican rule in Hartford, according to leading Democrats who have discussed the matter with him. Should Mr. Dodd choose to make a run for governor, he would be among three Democratic senators from the New York region giving thought to such a leap, particularly in the wake of Tuesday's elections, when Republicans expanded their majority in the Senate with a net gain of four seats. The other two, Senator Jon Corzine of New Jersey and Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York, are said to be dispirited over their continued minority status - as well as the reality that their party does not appear to have a shot at winning the majority any time soon. Mr. Dodd, Mr. Schumer and Mr. Corzine are highly ambitious men. Their potential departure from the Hill underscores how impotent Democrats now feel in Washington. "People are just giving up," said one Democratic strategist who has been a key adviser to Senate and House candidates from the New York region. "They're realizing that they may be able to accomplish a lot more from a governor's mansion than from Capitol Hill."

[Cue theme from Jaws]

These 'ambitious men' should realize that they are fooling themselves. By displaying such blatant cowardice within sight of the Republican political barbarians, they have made themselves primary targets for electoral defeat. Can anyone really doubt that the GOP senses a victory by knocking off these wimps? (I'm sure that GOP insiders would use much stronger language than I'm going to use here!) Can anyone doubt that after Florida and Ohio the GOP doesn't know how to use the electoral machine to make sure that these Democrats lose? If so, they need to extract their crania from their rectal cavities and get a clue.

This is war. This is no time for the Democrats to emulate General Lloyd Fessenden, who cowered in his bunk while his command was being chewed up and spat out by Rommel's Afrika Corps at the Battle of Kasserine Pass in 1942.

Maybe these successive political defeats since 2000 will prove to be a good thing in the long run. It will force out the status seekers and the socio-political climbers and make room for candidates who remember why they are running for office against the Borg-Republican Corporatocracy.

If there is still time before the Republic is replaced with a fascist Multinational Corporation.

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