Monday :: Nov 8, 2004

Whither John Kerry?

by rayman

With all the talk about Bush's so-called mandate and the early handicapping for the 2008 race, I think we're losing sight of one simple question: what role will John Kerry play during the next four years? Given that 56 million people voted for him, Kerry can't go back to simply being the "junior senator from Massachusetts." The only recent parallels are George McGovern and Barry Goldwater, both of whom returned to the Senate after losing their bids for the White House. However, given that both men a) lost the general election in a landslide, and b) were divisive figures within their own parties, I don't think they offer any comparable lessons.

One thing many of us would like to see is for Kerry to become the voice of the Democratic opposition in the Senate, essentially picking up where his presidential campaign left off. However, you can be sure that the DNC powers-that-be will do everything they can to nix this scenario, given their newfound thirst for Red State voters (we can't have a Taxachusetts librul as the face of our party, after all). Personally, I think the Dems should bite the bullet and allow Kerry to take a high-profile role in the Senate, assuming he wants to. He now has more credibility than any other Democrat in Congress in leading the charge against the administration, and I think we should take advantage of this. But I'm curious what you all think about this.

UPDATE: Well, Senator Kerry didn't waste any time letting us know his intentions. The title says it all: 'Fired Up' Kerry Returning to Senate

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