Tuesday :: Nov 9, 2004

Open Thread

by Mary

Today, there are numerous questions about the election on November 2nd. Could there have been large scale fraud committed to swing the election? When examining these questions, it is important to recognize that there were things that could have been done before the election that would have forestalled this concern.

As Dr. David Dill of verifiedvoting.org said, we should not have to trust that our votes are safe and verified, we should always have proof. And he pointed out, "[There is] no accountability in the process and you have to wonder why." So why did Tom DeLay and Dennis Hastert refuse to bring Russ Holt's bill to the floor even though a majority of congress backed it? The leadership of the Republican party has no one but themselves to blame for the fact that they have no way to prove that this election was fair and square after refusing to fix the problems that prevent us from having real proof that the election was fair.

If you are also concerned about accountability of our elections, help the folks at BlackBoxVoting.org in their efforts to audit the election.

What else is on your mind today?

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