Tuesday :: Nov 9, 2004

Brawn and Brains

by paradox

The family had the teevee on last night and NBC News (sic) came on. I rarely go looking for this rank propaganda and after watching last night I know why. American television journalism is no place for an ethical, thinking mind.

Brokaw and crew gave the Attack on Falluja (complete with fresh splash graphic) ten minutes of coverage to start the newscast. They haven’t done that all year, but now that the election is over blood and flying limbs and blown up children—all for nothing but lies—is cool to broadcast to citizens again. War! Ratings! Money!

Tom the Whore read his lines pretty well—he explained that 2,000 Iraqi troops were part of the attack, but make no mistake, Americans were the “brawn and the brains” behind the slaughter of people who had done nothing to us.

Despite the bravado of the text slutty Brokaw let the mask fall and a sort of anxious grimace spread across his face just as they cut to the video of the carnage. Some smidgen of his prostituted persona tried to wiggle through with the truth: war is a horrifying failure in the best of circumstances, let alone this vast war crime now unfolding in Iraq.

It doesn’t deserve a fancy new graphic or macho, positive text. Tom knew.

Sure Tom knew but he got on his knees anyway. His two daughters went to UC Berkeley but hey, they’re safely ensconced in the homeland here somewhere. Those young American men about to die and be horribly wounded in this war crime he so earnestly read for? Fuck them. Tom’s got his money and his family, he got them by whoring, no need to change now.

The war news was bad enough. It was also incredibly sad to see Brokaw pull another trick so near the end of his career, a brilliant, handsome, accomplished “journalist” who should have been one of our finest, but reduced at the end to only a tattered hooker, a total disgrace to his country, family, and most of all himself.

Just quit now, Tom. That was one of the most pathetic things I have ever seen. Please stop doing this to yourself.

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