Tuesday :: Nov 9, 2004

Political Correctness From the Christian Right

by Steve

Remember how often the Right Wing accuses Democrats of being guilty of political correctness? Here's an example of the other side doing the same thing. Tired of the negative connotation of being called right-wingers, the Christian Right has told ABC News that they now want to be called Evangelical Christians instead, ostensibly so that they are no longer associated with being extremists. So ABC News is acceding to their request in another example of Luntz-speak.

ABC News says that they are only calling a group by what they want to be called. Really? Does that mean that we progressives, liberals, and leftists can from now on insist that we no longer be smeared on ABC News by whatever tag or smear that Karl Rove, George W. Bush, Bill O'Reilly, or Rush Limbaugh come up with?

Actually, unlike the Christian Right, which wants to run away from what they really are and hide their extremism behind an evangelical shield, I would consider it to be a badge of honor to be called a member of the Christian Left, a Compassionate Christian, or a Real World Christian.

A message for those of you in the Christian Right: your devotion to God does not give you a free pass to be in a cult that is uninformed by choice, and unconcerned about economic hardship and social injustice next door, while you allow our soldiers to die for your SUV. Get over it; you are a right winger, and no different from that corporate slimeball or Bush Administration appointee who is willing to destroy this country and our communities just so he can make an extra buck while cloaking themselves in a phony moral superiority. Wrapping yourself in Jesus doesn't change that fact.

Changing the name is nothing more than putting a dress on a pig.

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