Wednesday :: Nov 10, 2004

Remember When Ashcroft Got In?

by Steve

"Let me send a clear message today. I will confront injustice by leading a professional Justice Department that is free from politics, that is uncompromisingly fair; a department defined by integrity and dedicated to upholding the rule of law."
--John Ashcroft, four years ago.

As the White House gears up to ram the morally challenged Alberto Gonzales through the Senate as Bush’s second Attorney General by touting him as the first Hispanic AG, it is important to remember what Ashcroft told the country after he won confirmation. After you hurl your soda reading that statement above, we also need to remind the Democrats who went along with Bush’s choice four years ago that another such capitulation will not suffice.

After seeing what Ashcroft did to this country, and what Gonzales would do given his moral bankruptcy, the following Democrats must not get a free pass again by allowing Bush his choice without a fight.

Democrats voting in favor of the nomination were John Breaux (La.), Robert C. Byrd (W.Va.), Christopher J. Dodd (Conn.), Russell Feingold (Wis.), Zell Miller (Ga.), Ben Nelson (Neb.) and North Dakota's Kent Conrad and Byron L. Dorgan.

Breaux and Miller are gone, thankfully. But the rest need to be contacted now and told that rubber-stamping will not be allowed this time.

If Bush pushes Gonzales through now before the turnover in January, these are the Democrats currently on the Judiciary Committee:

Pat Leahy
Ted Kennedy
Joe Biden
Herb Kohl
Dianne Feinstein
Russ Feingold
Chuck Schumer
Dick Durbin
John Edwards

Given the GOP’s control over the Judiciary Committee, it is not likely that Gonzales’ nomination will be stopped there. But committee Democrats can bring up the issues that are most troubling about Gonzales and set the stage for the debate on the Senate Floor.

Also, will committee chair Orrin Hatch recuse himself from the matter since it was his own staff that stole Democratic computer files on Bush judicial nominees that were likely discussed with one Alberto Gonzales?

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