Thursday :: Nov 11, 2004

Open Thread

by Mary

Did you know that the Christian Right voted for George W Bush because they really want to drill for oil in ANWAR? I hadn't realized how important of an issue this was until I heard Richard Viguerie talking about the agenda the Christian Right wants to have Bush and the Congress enact in the next few years. I had thought that drilling in ANWAR was an Oil Company Issue, not a religious issue. Gee, I never knew that God believes SUVs are more important than caribous.

Fortunately, from listening to NPR this morning, I found out about what is really important to God (according to Viguerie). Here is the agenda that Viguerie expects Bush to push:

  • conservative judges like Scalia and Thomas

  • no federal funding for stem cell research [ed: did you ever wonder why aren't they calling for outlawing this research if it is so evil?]

  • a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages

  • improving schools which can only be done by providing vouchers

  • more tax cuts [ed: obviously this is one of the most important issues for Christians. We know that Middle income Christians understand why it is critical to help the really, really rich get more tax breaks - because God wants this and the Bible honors and respects the really, really rich over all others.]

  • private accounts for the social security system

  • oil exploration in Alaska to change our dependence on overseas oil and gas

As he stipulates, it's a very, very big agenda that they want to accomplish and it won't be all done by the end of 4 years.

Viguerie (who according to the report was giddy about the election) says, he really hopes that "the American people get so excited about these changes that they'll reward the Republicans with many victories in the future."

Yeah, I'd say these things are really popular with the American public.

Which of those agenda items do you think the American public is enthusiastically signing up for, and what would be the priority? Oh, and I forgot to tell you that shaping the Supreme Court is the most important thing for the Christian Right today.

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