Friday :: Nov 12, 2004

Open Thread

by Mary

When you listen to the radio, there is a noticeable difference between the reports from the BBC versus those from NPR. Both of them have reporters embedded with the troops in Fallujah. But the BBC reports always have a comment stating that the reports from the reporter are under press restrictions. The US news never bothers to state this.

A report from an embedded BBC reporter:

Our correspondent, who is embedded with US forces and subject to reporting restrictions, says there is no sign of any civilians and the plight of those trapped by the fighting can only be guessed at.

Also in the BBC, an Iraqi reporter now trapped in Fallujah, but able to provide eye-witness reports from that city tells us:

I tried to flee the city last night but I could not get very far. It was too dangerous.

...It is hard to know how much people outside Falluja are aware of what is going on here.

I want them to know about conditions inside this city - there are dead women and children lying on the streets.

People are getting weaker from hunger. Many are dying from their injuries because there is no medical help left in the city whatsoever.

Meanwhile the US Department of Defense asserts that they are doing everything they can to provide help for the refugees from Fallujah.

And so George W Bush continues to bring democracy and freedom to the Iraqis.

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