Sunday :: Nov 14, 2004

Dispatches From the Culture War-Bumper Sticker Edition

by rayman

As Brad Carson mentioned last week in his New Republic piece, "the culture war is real." Indeed, we think about issues such as abortion, gay marriage, and evolution as flashpoints, but the culture war manifests itself in more idiosyncratic ways. Case in point is the role of bumpe stickers. For those of us living (or in my case, attending school) in Red State America, we know how critical a role bumper stickers play in the ongoing kulturkampf against the liberal, bicoastal untermenschen. Therefore, to enlighten our Blue State brethren, I thought I'd point out a few of the more notable bumper sticker insignia that I see on a daily basis in my corner of America.

1. About Those Pickup Trucks During the Democratic primaries, Howard Dean talked about pickup trucks with Confederate flags. Fortunately, I've only seen a couple of these blemishes in the two years that I've resided in the Red State portion of Virginia. However, I've seen lots of pickup trucks with Bush-Cheney bumper stickers, which is arguably worse. As I've mentioned before, I think Tom Frank's argument about using economic populism to win over rural working class voters is an exercise in myopic self-denial. However, when I see all the BC04-adorned pickup trucks in my neighborhood, I can see where he's coming from. Oh well.

2. Truth Eats Darwin This is one of the more appalling manifestations of the contempt that many Red Staters have for both science and logical reasoning. If you don't know what I'm talking about, click here. While the BC04 bumper stickers make me angry, this one just leaves me shaking my head in resignation. This isn't just a cultural divide; it's more like a cultural Mariana Trench.

3. Marriage=2 Stick Figures I guess I shouldn't be surprised by the prevalence of this one, considering that I go to school right up the road from Ayatollah Robertson's Virginia Beach fiefdom. To be honest, I probably should have taken the presence of these bumper stickers more seriously in the months leading up to the election. You know, hindsight and all that.

Anyway, these are the three stickers that immediately come to mind. If there are any that I've overlooked, feel free to chime in.

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