Sunday :: Nov 14, 2004

All My Hexes Are From Texas

by pessimist

A short list of the hexes from Texas that affect my California life:

George W. Bu$h (even if he's really from Connecticutt!)
Dick Cheney (even if he's claiming to be from Wyoming)

I've had DSL for several years now. I first signed up with California company PacBell, and had a 'lifetime' fixed rate. But then, the pestilence arrived, and my rates went up 25%. So much for life time fixed rates!

The culprit? SBC - a Texas company.

I've been in the process for several weeks now of acquiring and programming a new computer after mine crashed. This meant, among other things, that I had to update my DSL to SBC's new Yahoo service whether I wanted to or not, because they no longer supported my older software. But they also don't support the Zoom X5 modem I bought to replace the one that died!

I tell ya - between Zoom's tech support rolling the bones and having me make setup changes just to see if that one would work, and SBC's 'tech support' telling me that since they don't support my modem they can't help me, I'm forced to broadcast a distress message.

Does anyone out there use SBC in SoCal and have a Zoom X5 modem working with it?

If so, contact me at Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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