Monday :: Nov 15, 2004

Revenge of the Quisling Democrats

by rayman

Man, those Senate Dems are sittin' pretty. First, we have the pleasure of another milquetoast Red State Dem as Minority Leader. And now, Holy Joe has signaled (i.e. telegraphed) to the administration his distaste for all this "partisanship" business. Here's the Pious One on Fox News Sunday (surprise, surprise):

I hope that in the second Bush term that President Bush will develop a kind of consultative relationship, certainly with Democratic leaders like Harry Reid.

And I think that will help avoid the kinds of filibusters that really a lot of us moderate Democrats and we talked about this just last week when we had a phone conference don't want to be involved in.

And we'd much prefer to give an up-or-down vote to a president's judicial nominations.

He earned that right when he got elected.

Shouldn't we just affix a permanent "kick me" sign on Holy Joe's back? Honestly, how low can the Senate Dems sink? Between Lieberman's puppy-dog subservience and Ben Nelson's idiotic "there's no way they're gonna be able to demonize Harry Reid!" comment in yesterday's NYT, we may end up pining for the fierce, take-no-prisoners leadership of Tom Daschle. Unbelievable.

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