Monday :: Nov 15, 2004

Who Should Replace Bill Safire?

by rayman

Via Josh Marshall, I see that ole' Bill Safire is finally leaving his reliable perch at the New York Times early next year. I realize that this topic is nowhere near as important as the purge at the CIA, judicial nominations, and the like, but in terms of its symbolism, the subject of Safire's replacement is worth discussing. I'm disappointed that Josh automatically assumes that Safire will be/should be replaced by another right-winger, such as Chris Caldwell. Here's the thing: the Right-Wing Noise Machine already despises the Grey Lady with a passion. Will this change in any way if Safire's replacement is an ideological fellow-traveller? I don't think so.

If anything, the Times should use this opportunity to stick it to its right-wing antagonists. Instead of bringing on board yet another Republican apparatchik, like David Brooks, they should hire a liberal flame-thrower to complement Paul Krugman. Whom, you may ask? My choice is none other than Kos.

No matter how much we may revile Bob Novak, we have to acknowledge that he's more than simply a columnist; he's an incredibly influential conduit to the RNC and the "conservative movement" in general. If we're going to counteract the Mighty Wurlitzer, we could do worse than having Kos (who already writes a weekly column for the Guardian) perform a similar function, but without the lies, innuendo, and breaches of national security that make the Prince of Darkness such a national disgrace. Kos would have an ear toward both the emerging grassroots movement, as well as the party's movers and shakers.

Anyway, I'm curious as to what you all think about this scenario.

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