Monday :: Nov 15, 2004

Goss Forces Out Two More From CIA

by Steve

Continuing his White House-directed purge of CIA officials that won't be rubber stamps, Porter Goss continued with the removal of two more seasoned high officials at the Agency Monday, with one of them being replaced by a Latin American specialist with ties to the Bushes. Note that in a preview of 2008, Chuck Hagel came out today with a differing opinion on the purges than the ass-kissing that John McCain has been doing over the weekend.

Memo to McCain: When you traded your integrity for knee pads Senator, you've lost any credibility you had left, as well as any sympathy you had coming for what Bush did to you in 2000. So when you now want to regain your honor by criticizing Bush on things you want to run on in 2008, no one will buy it. You are a whore to the Bushes; go rot in Hell.

It is amazing how a combat-dodging slimeball like Bush is so successful at destroying the reputations of three men who actually faced death in combat (Powell, Kerry, and McCain).

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