Tuesday :: Nov 16, 2004

What We've Lost

by pessimist

Like an eight-year-old girl left raped and brutalized by an esteemed family member (something that really happens far too often), we on the Left have only our memories of how things used to be. There once was justice. There once was real freedom of expression. There once was a standard of civility to agree to disagree. That's all gone now, along with our innocence.

One mother expresses her feelings on what we've lost:

Disillusioned and Saddened by my Country

I'm ashamed of what this country has become....oh, to long for the days of my youth, where people, neighbors, friends could disagree, and still shake hands and still be friends.

I remember the America of my youth; of my father, a veteran of the Korean Conflict, teaching me the Pledge of Allegiance, but telling me, NO, instilling in me what being an American really meant -- the rights that I had as a woman, the rights that our black friends had just won through a hard fight, of being PROUD of my country.

I remember sitting at my parents knees, hearing them teach me about "the first JFK," and his great statement of "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

I remember, when my father ran for political office the first time in my hometown of Waycross, Georgia, and walking behind him through tobacco warehouses, down the city sidewalks, shaking people's hands, asking them "to vote for my daddy." The pride I had in not just him, but that I was American.

AND NOW, my 25 year old daughter called me in the wee hours of November 3, crying, saying, "Mama, what has happened to this country? What are we doing? Don't the common person, like us, Mama, see this horrible man (BUSH) for what he really is?" I tried for minutes to calm her down, and finally she said to me, "Mama, I'm ashamed of what this country has done today.....".

As I hung up the phone that morning, I wept. Not just for myself, not just for my daughter and the other two children, not just for my neighbor, not just for the people of Iraq, but for our world. Because I feel that we are on the road to total destruction, being lead by a man, who claims he knows GOD.

Peace to all,

Deborah Minchew Owen
Hiram, Georgia

Amen, Mother.

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