Wednesday :: Nov 17, 2004

The Party is Now in Control, Comrades

by rayman

Check out this Wikipedia entry on the Soviet Politburo and tell me it doesn't have an eery resemblance to our present, um, situation:

[T]he manner in which the membership of Politburos was determined in both the Soviet Union and abroad was determined by various factors such as the strength of various formal or informal factions within the party, the waxing and waning authority of the General Secretary and the degree to which power was consolidated in that position, the strength or weakness of other leaders in the party, alliances among leading figures and the strength of their support among party members or various poles of power within the party or, in the case of ruling parties, the country.

Another factor for members of the Comintern aside from the Communist Party of the Soviet Union was the degree to which leading members of the party were in or out of favour with Moscow and the wishes of the Soviet leadership to promote or remove certain leaders, particularly in the 1930s and 1940s and again after Stalin's death, as the general line promoted by Moscow changed, sometimes quite abruptly - a phenomenon which tested the ability of local Communist leaders to conform with the new orthodoxy or, converserly, the ability of dissenting communist parties to maintain their independence.

"Conform with the new orthodoxy" indeed.

Thanks to Liberal Oasis for the pointer.

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