Wednesday :: Nov 17, 2004

Don't Give Bu$hCo Any Ideas!

by pessimist

I truly cannot believe that someone seriously thinks this plan has any legs:

Croatia may offer tourist holiday behind bars

Croatia may reopen its most notorious communist-era prison for tourists willing to part with their money to re-enact the life of a political prisoner including hard labor, stale food and nights in solitary confinement.

"If you want to experience some of the torture that political prisoners underwent ... just come along," said Josip Modric, an architect who is promoting the project.

Modric envisions tourists being issued convict uniforms, pounding large stones with a sledgehammer and hauling the pieces on their backs to quarries around the prison on Goli Otok, a barren island in the northern Adriatic Sea.

Those who sign up would be given written awards after completing their "prison sentence."

Modric insisted he would offer gluttons for punishment only as much as they could take with plenty of expert supervision.

Just like that tropical Bu$hCo paradise - Club Guantanamo!

"Weaker inmates would carry out light toil, while fitter inmates would 'kill themselves' with work in the sun during the day and spend the night in solitary confinement," Modric said. "Of course, unlike real prisoners, nobody would be tortured."

Bu$hCo would charge extra for that elitist privelege!

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