Wednesday :: Nov 17, 2004

Putin Pushes Ahead With New Nuclear Missile To Undermine Star Wars

by Steve

Bush's good friend Vladimir, after seeing the US walk away from various treaties and commit to the development of a new generation of nuclear weapons, has decided to do the same. So after seeing Bush and Rummy push forward with Star Wars and commit the US to billions of dollars for a system that has yet to work, Putin simply green-lights his guys to go ahead and develop a system that renders Star Wars moot.

But remember, Bush was able to look into Putin's soul. I'm sure Condi, with all of her expertise in dealing with Cold War threats, will be very effective in pleading with Pooty-Poot to stop working on these systems.

I wonder how well Putin will be able to suppress his laughter upon hearing these pleas from Condi Twin Mirrors.

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