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Arnold's Army Meets Texas Radio and the Big Beat

by pessimist
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I've been convinced that the two major parties are both headed toward big philosophical splits somewhere down the road. There are far too many diverse opinions in both parties that aren't being heard, and which get stomped on by the power bloc on its way to nomination, as we've seen this year during the primaries.

I've written about one such fracture already: The rise of a movement to promote a Constitutional Amendment to allow foreign-born people to become President, which is intended to benefit Arnold Schwarznegger.

Faster than you can say "weightlifters take steroids" comes this story:

Texas radio host launches anti-Schwarzenegger campaign

Alex Jones, an Austin-based talk show host on the Burnsville, Minn., Genesis Communications Network, has launched a Web-based offensive Thursday against efforts to change the U.S. Constitution to allow Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for president of the United States. Jones, once voted Austin's favorite radio host and sometimes described as a "conspiracy theorist," said he's raising funds to run TV ads in Austin and Sacramento to counter those beginning this week by Schwarzenegger supporters hoping he'll run for president.

"This is serious," he said. "Arnold is serious. His people are serious."

I agree. But their have nothing to offer but Arnold's popularity.

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A Silicon Valley-based group begins airing ads supporting the constitutional change. [I wrote about this here - ed.] Its ads and a companion Web site are sponsored by Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones, a Bay Area mutual fund manager and Schwarzenegger campaign donor.

I went to this web site, and there is nothing of substance whatsoever to convince me that Arnold deserves to be allowed the right to run for President. Instead, it smacks of a Hollywood fanzine site - pictures, hype, hoopla - and nothing on his qualifications and his record. Thus, if I were thinking human being, and not a star-struck moron like all the ones who flooded out to vote for The Terminator thinking that he could be just like his movie character, I would have to agree - in principle - with the opposition raised by this Texas Radio Big Beat talker.

I'll tell you 'bout Texas Radio and the Big Beat Soft drivin', slow and mad, like some new language - Jim Morrison, Doors The Wasp (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)
Jones, 30, said most Americans don't support changing the Constitution to clear the way for a Schwarzenegger presidency. The talk show host who rails daily against globalism, the United Nations and World Bank on satellite and Internet radio, criticizes Schwarzenegger for admitted past drug use and mistreatment of women, and accuses him of Nazi sympathies. "He's all over TV getting wall-to-wall major news cycle coverage for weeks on end," Jones said. "This is a campaign and his operatives are pushing it. It deserves to be countered." Jones' unveiled his Web site and said the site raised $5,000 for an anti-Schwarzenegger campaign in its first two hours.
Now, listen to this, and I'll tell you 'bout the Texas I'll tell you 'bout the Texas Radio I'll tell you 'bout the hopeless night Wandering the Western dream Tell you 'bout the maiden with wrought iron soul - Jim Morrison, Doors The Wasp (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)

I'll give you a taste of Jones' anti-Schwarznegger rhetoric because there are some valid ideas within that deserve discussion:

Americans Against Arnold has launched defensive measures against Arnold Schwarzenegger's bliztkrieg attack on the Constitution because we love America and believe that the Founding Fathers were right: only someone born in America should be able to be President.

Just as important, we are dedicated to exposing the individual, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is totally unfit to be Governor of California, much less President of the United States. Arnold will serve as a meticulously documented encyclopedia of Arnold's sinister, grotestque and even barbaric activites, from his nazi links to illegal drug use and sexual harrassment.


Americans Against Arnold has launched a campaign against the movement attempting to amend Article 2, Clause 5 of the United States Constitution that bars foreign usurpers from becoming President.

We have launched these defensive measures against Arnold Schwarzenegger's blitzkrieg attack on the Constitution because we love America and believe that the Founding Fathers were right: only someone born in America should be able to be President. The Founders forged Clause 5 of Article 2 of the Constitution to protect America from a foreign-born President holding dual or treacherous alliances with other countries.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has never given up his dual-citizenship with Austria, and he is continually involved in Austria's internal politics. The Arnold camp has talked about how, if he can't become US President he might move back to Austria and become President there.

Ironically, the Founding Fathers did this because, at the time of the ratification of the Constitution in 1789, a scandal was enveloping Europe concerning an Austrian government operation where Austrian agents would move to another European country as young men, become popular, and move into powerful elected positions, all the while serving their Austrian homeland.

In more modern times, we have the phenomenon of Adolf Hitler of Austria, who Schwarzenegger has spoken of admiringly, taking over Germany.

Even if you want to ignore all of the evidence showing what a dark character Schwarzenegger is, then pay attention to the polls which indicate that the vast majority of Americans, even naive Arnold supporters don't want him to be President. Arnold's people certainly know this. That's why they've had everybody from Senator John McCain, Senator Ted Kennedy, Senator Orin Hatch, to Congressman Dana Rohrbacher out stumping for him in the weeks prior to his high-level political operatives launching this transparently fake "grassroots" campaign, Amend for Arnold.

Congressman Dana Rohrbacher, after introducing a Bill in the House (one of four bills all dubbed "Arnold Bills") that would repeal the law barring Schwarzenegger from being President, told the press that the bill wasn't for Arnold, but was for all immigrants. Then, three weeks later, he told the San Jose Mercury-News that top Republicans want to clear the way for Arnold to run for the Presidency, and they need him when Bush is done in '08.

There has been wall to wall glowing media coverage for the last month, including Arnold on 60 Minutes telling us how wonderful he is and pushing for the Constitution to be changed.

If the Bills moving through Congress promoting making it possible for Arnold to run for President are successful in opening up a Constitutional Convention, the entire Bill of Rights and Constitution are wide-open to be totally changed.

Constitutional Conventions are very, very dangerous. Regardless of which side of the political spectrum you consider yourself to be on, a Con-con is bad news. An amendment could be passed further legalizing abortion or, conversely a law banning it. The Second Amendment could be removed.

We're talking about a dangerous free-for-all where special interests from all sides destroy America. Anything could happen, and this is the type of Constitutional crisis that Arnold is made for. There's a move on right now to open up a Constitutional Convention for a flag-burning amendment. They're also trying to get one for gay marriage.

The Bills are waiting right now in Congress to piggyback an amendment for Arnold on any of these measures. So look out, and take this very seriously. Arnold isn't spending all his time and energy pushing a Constitutional amendment for nothing.

Bottom line: Arnold Schwarzenegger is a despicable creature with more baggage than a jumbo jet loaded with passengers. He can never be our President because he is so compromised. And that's why the establishment loves him: at any time if he doesn't play ball and do exactly what he's told they can open the floodgates, releasing a cesspool of dirt.

There's no doubt that Arnold has a lot of popularity, or else he'd still be making movies instead of making California more of an impoverished state with his intempeate fiscal mismanagement. But I think it safe to say - based on the support that Arnold has from Senator Orrin Hatch and others, that certain portions of the Republican Party are behind this effort.

They will face the Bu$h wing of the party who have their own plans for the succession of George Warmonger Bu$h. We already know how rough they play. They might right now be playing along just for the opportunity to make the USA Patriot Act the New American Constitution, and then dump Arnold because they don't need him anymore. If I'm right about this, that's when the fun would really be starting.

Luckily, most of America aren't as star-struck as most Califonians are. I doubt that Arnold could get enough support to achieve his goal of fronting another evil cabal now that there is some opposition to him.

In addition, his own bungling of California's restoration is beginning to emerge. Yesterday's Riverside (CA) Press Enterprise had an article critical of the way California's deficit is headed toward larger numbers and Der Governator had better get busy dealing with it. Even partisan Republican columnists like Daniel Weintraub have been very critical of Arnold of late.

To sum it all up, we're in for an entertaining time watching the GOP take up sides on this.

Pass the popcorn.

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