Friday :: Nov 19, 2004

Media Find Proof Of Al Qaeda In Fallujah: Historical Marker That Says "Bin Laden Slept Here" - Not!

by Steve

Sometimes, the stupidity of our embedded media in Iraq, and their willingness to accept whatever is shoveled their way by our military is beyond adequate description. Today, we are being told by our military officials that our destruction of Fallujah was worth it even if we still haven’t found or captured Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi because we have found proof that Al Qaeda operated out of the city as a base of operations. And what is that proof?

Videotape from a CNN cameraman who accompanied the American soldiers showed an Arabic sign on a wall with the words "Al Qaeda Organization." Inside, soldiers found vast piles of ammunition, Major Johnson said, including some that appeared to be Chinese and Jordanian, and a room with bomb-making equipment.

Oh, for Christ’s sake! Did you also find the “Bin Laden slept here” historical marker on the wall outside the building? How about the "We're Here Guys" neon sign in the window, or the drive-through window selling car bombs? Does anyone in the media accepting this drivel stop to question our military about how ridiculous it is to find a building with such a sign on the wall? Does anyone in the media stop to question why an organization that manages to keep secret its terrorist plans so well is going to leave behind signs on the wall such as this? Never mind that there is no indication that al-Zarqawi ever used Fallujah as a base of operations, after we destroyed the town trying to find him.

Military officials said it was unclear when, if ever, Zarqawi had been in the house discovered Thursday in Fallujah's southern neighborhood of Shuhada. A U.S. intelligence source said Zarqawi apparently did not use Fallujah as his base of operations, and none of the leaders of the principal insurgent groups based in Fallujah -- Zarqawi, Abdullah Janabi and Omar Hadid -- were known to have been apprehended during the U.S. offensive there.

But at least our military is sure that we have now broken the back of the insurgency with our “liberation” of Fallujah. How do we know this? Because our forces will probably now find a sign in another safe house that says “we give up.”

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