Thursday :: Nov 25, 2004

Thanksgiving Potpourri

by Steve

Some short hits tonight in the early Thanksgiving morning:

The General Accounting Office agreed late Wednesday night to open an investigation of voting irregularities in the 2004 election.

To no one’s surprise, Corporate PACs that contributed at least $100,000 in this cycle by a 10-1 margin gave a majority of their funds to Republicans. Somewhere Rove and Norquist are laughing their asses off at the moral values voters who think that the GOP cares one damn bit about them.

China has laid down a marker to Bush and the UN about Iran: forget about a Security Council resolution on sanctions. The Chinese won’t support it, and want the matter dealt with at the IAEA. This is very significant and shows the leverage that the Chinese now have over Bush.

Porter Goss has forced out two more at the CIA. Thursday’s Post also reports that Michael Scheuer, the “Anonymous” author of “Imperial Hubris” (available for purchase on the left of this site) told John McCain to his face last Sunday that McCain’s negative comments about the Agency were "scurrilous."

The Bush Administration continues to be isolated in its refusal to do anything about global warming.

I wish a happy and healthy Thanksgiving for you and your families, and may God protect our troops overseas and bless their families here at home.

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