Thursday :: Nov 25, 2004

Over 20,000 Seriously Wounded

by soccerdad

Unbelievable news blogged by Raed In The Middle .

There is absolutely nothing this administration will not lie about. But we are not surprised by now. Raed cites an article in today's Stars and Stripes which reports that 20,802 wounded soldiers have been treated at Landstuhl, Germany alone from injuries received in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.

The official number of US soldiers wounded in Iraq that was announced by the US DOD (Department of Defense) is 8458 in Iraq and 423 in Afghanistan.

So the number treated in Germany is over 2x what the official reports claim. The injuries have to be severe for the soldiers to be flown to Germany.

These numbers are just for the US soldiers that were moved to Germany. There are other thousands that were injured inside Iraq and Afghanistan and treated in small local military clinics and hospitals, or moved to other US military hospitals.

The official number of US soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan is 1375 and 144. I wonder what the real numbers are.

May Bush and his advisors rot in hell.

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