Friday :: Nov 26, 2004

Misunderestimated, Or Just Unejimicated?

by pessimist

Oh! For a president that isn't an embarassment!

We've seen the photo of Bu$h trying to push past Bill Clinton in a doorway in order to be first onstage at the opening of the Clinton Presidential Library. But have you HEARD what this arrogant and aggressive schmuck had to say that day?

One gulp, and Bush was gone
Behind the scenes at the Clinton library, we saw America's future

When he stopped to gaze at the river, where secret service agents were stationed in boats, the guide said: "Usually, you might see some bass fishermen out there." Bush replied: "A submarine could take this place out."

Was the president warning of an al-Qaida submarine, sneaking undetected up the Mississippi, through the locks and dams of the Arkansas river, surfacing under the bridge to the 21st century to dispatch the Clinton library? Is that where Osama bin Laden is hiding?

Or was this a wishful paranoid fantasy of ubiquitous terrorism destroying Clinton's legacy with one blow? Or a projection of menace and messianism, with only Bush grasping the true danger, standing between submerged threat and civilisation?

I try to refrain from using gutter language in my posts, but sometimes nothing else is appropriate: WHAT AN ASSHOLE!

Maybe Bu$h was just a bit upset that Bill Clinton DARED to criticise him and his policies:

In his speech, Clinton sought to clarify the present by his broad analysis of globalisation - "an age of interdependence with new possibilities and new dangers" - and the offer of conciliation: "America has two great dominant strands of political thought; we're represented up here on this stage: conservatism, which at its very best draws lines that should not be crossed; and progressivism, which at its very best breaks down barriers that are no longer needed or should never have been erected in the first place."

Clinton concluded his remarks with a challenge to Bush couched in terms of his own failure - "where we fell short ... the biggest disappointment in the world to me ... peace in the Middle East ... I did all I could." He then faced Bush: "But when we had seven years of progress toward peace, there was one whole year when, for the first time in the history of the state of Israel, not one person died of a terrorist attack, when the Palestinians began to believe they could have a shared future."

At the private luncheon afterwards, in a heated tent pitched behind the library, Shimon Peres delivered a heartfelt toast to Clinton's perseverance in pursuing the Middle East peace process. Upon entering the tent, Bush, according to an eyewitness, told an aide: "One gulp and we're out of here." He had informed the Clintons he would stay through the lunch, but by the time Peres arose with wine glass in hand the president was gone.

Makes you wonder why the Clintons bothered to invite him at all. Somehow, I doubt that they will again!

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