Saturday :: Nov 27, 2004

Turkey Day Follies, 2004 Edition

by rayman

One of the interesting things about Thanksgiving (and holidays in general) is that they give us the opportunity to sit around the dinner table with relatives and family friends whose political views are, shall we say, divergent from our own. For many of you, I'm sure, this year's Thanksgiving festivities included either a heated debate or silent, head-shaking disbelief as the stuffing and sweet potatoes were consumed. Take this Kos diarist, for example:

The father: voted for Bush. He's a long-time Republican and a single-issue voter. That issue is abortion. In his thinking, all Democrats are "criminals." Doesn't believe that Bush's policies have increased abortions, nor does he believe that the deficit is Bush's fault.

The mother: voted for Bush. Like her husband, she votes according to evangelical principles, and gets the majority of her news from FOX. Believes that Saddam had WMD's and connections to Osama.

The sister: voted for Bush. Didn't watch a single debate or look into any issues. She just didn't like Kerry, because "he's so blah!"

The grandmother: voted for Bush. She thought he was the more attractive of the two candidates.

Those were the highlights. Two people voted against Kerry based on "looks," two based on misinformation. Despite the attempts by my girlfriend and me to inform them, they refused to listen to anything which challenged their thinking.

As a decadent, freedom-hating Blue Stater, I was spared this kind of cognitive dissonance-fest at Thanksgiving. However, I'm curious if anyone has similar stories from this past week.

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