Saturday :: Nov 27, 2004

About Face

by pessimist

I was reading an op-ed by Clarence Page this morning [Sorry - no link. If anyone recognizes this article, please post a link in the comments] and had a flash.

Page was discussing how the Democrats weren't reaching what should be their natural constituency by putting up rich white men as candidates. Then, reading the comics page, I noted that several comics have taken up the cudgels against Bu$hCo and were leading the charge of the opposition.

What struck me was - all of these strips are drawn by non-Anglos.

There is a real opportunity for the Democratic Party to grow if it promotes understanding of the issues of the minorities in the majority of this country.

This would require nominating non-White candidates for major office that Whites can support.

This isn't such a shock after the landslide victory of new minority face Barack Obama over houseboy Alan Keyes. Obama is still creating his national political persona, but someone who can win in Chicago's Republican suburbs earns a closer look. I think the case could be made that Obama has transcended the race issue through his appeal to the rich Whites who voted for him - and that's the point.

Race has been a potent weapon for the GOP since Lyndon Johnson's Constitutional Amendments ending de facto slavery as practiced in the South since the Civil War ended. The Democrats have been playing catchup ever since, as the electoral results have demonstrated since 1968.

But suppose that there are more candidates like Obama who can get over that issue and appeal to segments of the voting public that wouldn't otherwise support him? Parts of Illinois might as well belong to Dixie for all the prejudice that can exist there, but Obama won anyway. Did he seem identifiable enough not to frighten people that he was just another liberal with an agenda to match?

Certainly, if the Democrats are ever to regain power in this nation, they have to defang the race card. Presenting candidates who are the product of the Melting Pot just might be a way to do this.

What say you?

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