Sunday :: Nov 28, 2004

Escalating the Political War

by Mary

Nothing like playing hardball when you want to advance your own political fortunes. Especially when you want to win the approval of the Christian-right by showing that you can be a real hard guy. Senator Frist has already shown he that he doesn't care much about comity nor maintaining the deliberative voice of the Senate. Having already "bagged" his prey by taking out Tom Daschle, he is ready to rollover Harry Reid and the rest of the Democratic senators by launching the "nuclear" option to railroad Bush's hard right judicial appointees through the Senate. And he and the Texas contingent have put Senator Arlen Spector on notice that they expect him to help pass this poison pill.

If Frist and the Republican leadership try to pull this off, they could be guaranteeing that the next two years will be a total do nothing Congress as the Democrats can stop almost everything from going through. Bush might want to run against the obstructionist Democrats, but considering that the American public's second choice for what they'd like to see Bush accomplish this term (after continuing his war on terrorism) is nothing, this might not be a bad thing from the country's standpoint.

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