Monday :: Nov 29, 2004

Cuban American Kellogg CEO Tapped To Be Commerce Secretary

by Steve

After announcing just yesterday that he wanted to bring outsiders into some of the jobs to round out his second term economic team, and having some of his spokespersons on background say that Bush needed to bring in people who could sell his policies better on Capitol Hill who weren’t White House sycophants, Bush just tapped Kellogg CEO Carlos Gutierrez to be Don Evans’ successor as Secretary of Commerce. The Post said just this morning that the administration was trying to get an outsider into the position, probably a "business executive who is trying to get his finances worked out." Apparently he got his finances worked out.

Gutierrez’ claim to fame is that he is Cuban American and by all accounts has done a good job in turning around Kellogg and focusing the company on its core cereal making business, a company it should be noted that is helped by a falling dollar in its efforts to grab even more overseas market share than it already has. He also gives money to Cuban American Republicans, which is to be expected. One does wonder however how well Gutierrez will take direction from Karl Rove on policy, or the president for that matter, when the man has turned around a multi-billion dollar operation and isn’t likely to think much of what passes for economic policy in this Administration these days. Then again, it remains to be seen how well a cereal maker will do in the job at Commerce anyway, given the challenges this country faces in selling anything overseas these days.

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