Tuesday :: Nov 30, 2004

How Big is the Democratic Party's Tent?

by rayman

One of the most difficult issues facing many of us is how we deal with Democrats in marginal (read: conservative) districts. On the one hand, I'm all for the Democrats being a "big tent" party, and I'm actually an admirer of many conservative Dems in Congress. However, the undeniable fact, as Stephanie Herseth and Brad Carson showed us, is that these Democratic candidates often have to adopt positions that are, well, illiberal. The upcoming run-off election between Democrat Willie Mount and Republican Charles Boustany for Louisiana's 7th Congressional district is a perfect example. Matt Stoller is decidedly unenthused at the prospect of a right-wing Dem like Mount going to Washington, but I thought this comment to Matt's post was interesting:

As a Democrat and resident of the 7th Congressional District in Louisiana and a resident in the television media market for the 3rd District, allow me to deposit my two cents on this issue.

I've struggled with the issue of whether to vote for state Sen. Willie Mount in the runoff election here. She's yet to run an ad the I've seen that identifies her party affiliation. She has run ads promoting her prolife stance and her conservative values which turn me off.

Within the past couple of weeks, though, I've decided to vote for Mount (rather than stay home) and the deciding issue has been the DeLay Rule and the corruption that flows from the House Majority Leader's office.

Mount's opponent has received $10,000 from DeLay's Americans for a Republican Majority PAC. He's also received money from PACs that have accepted money from Jack Abramoff, the alleged Indian tribes with casinos scammer. In fact, one of the tribes (and their casino) that is at the heart of the scandal being investigated by Sen. John McCain (the Couishatta Indians) is located in the 7th District.

I know most of are sick of this "lesser of two evils" conundrum, but this is where we're at, unfortunately. In this case, we'll either have a Rodney Alexander clone or a Delay/Abramoff toady elected. This is undeniably dispiriting, but as Kos says, a vote for someone like Mount (or Herseth) is, in the end, a vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker. And given the current political climate, I'll take whatever solace I can get.

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