Tuesday :: Nov 30, 2004

Tuesday Morning Quick Hits

by Steve

The Green and Libertarian parties have added New Mexico and Nevada to their lists of states in which they are jointly requesting a recount. Very interesting development.

The attorney for Dr. David Graham, who revealed at his testimony several weeks ago that his employer the FDA was incapable of protecting consumers from drugs with questionable safety records, says that the only thing keeping his client from being retaliated against by the Administration is the involvement of Iowa GOP Senator Charles Grassley in telling the FDA in essence “don’t think about retaliating against this man.”

The New York Times reports this morning that Iraq’s security forces, which we have recruited and trained, are crumbling under the pressure applied by the insurgents. The Post also reports that the Iraqis are putting up virtually no resistance to the insurgent attacks.

The International Red Cross has concluded that our military and our physicians at Guantanamo have been engaging in torture.

China took steps yesterday to cement its regional trading dominance over Southeast Asia with the signing of a free trade accord with its neighbors.

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