Wednesday :: Dec 1, 2004

A Change Is (Possibly) Gonna Come at the DNC

by rayman

Via Political Wire, today's article in the The Hill suggests that the DC Democrats are finally beginning to understand the importance of this strange and exotic phenomenon commonly referred to as the "grassroots":

In behind-the-scenes positioning, key congressional lawmakers are seeking to prevent the national party from lapsing into another four-year presidential gestation cycle, where the DNC serves as nothing more than an incubator for the party’s ambitions to capture the White House, say leadership aides.


The desire to recalibrate the focus of the committee appears widespread through the Democratic caucus.

“[House Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi [D-Calif.] and others are making it very clear that something has got to change,” a well-placed Democratic leadership aide said.

“It boils down to making the DNC less of a presidential committee,” the staffer added.

A-freakin'-men. It's amazing (though not suprising) that it's taken the DC brain-trust so long to figure this out, just like Atrios is bewildered that Harry Reid's plan to install a "war room" in the Senate wasn't considered until now. Also, the article also notes that we're likely headed for a Dean v. Frost showdown for DNC chair.
“All eyes are on Dean’s next move right now. Everyone is waiting on what he is deciding what to do, and that will shape any decision by any candidate,” a prominent Democratic strategist said.

Frost began sounding out his colleagues on becoming the next chairman almost immediately upon Congress’s return for the lame-duck session last month. He presents an intriguing choice for the party, said congressional aides, some of whom were not particularly fond of Frost.

The former chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), who lost his seat as a result of Texas redistricting, has contacted nearly every member of the House Democratic leadership team and has been making calls throughout the party caucus, said numerous aides.

You gotta love this "some of whom were not particularly fond of Frost" routine. This has nothing to do with Frost's unsuccessful liberal-baiting campaign to prevent Nancy Pelosi from becoming minority leader, right? But seriously, I'm interested in seeing what Frost brings to the table as DNC chair.

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