Thursday :: Dec 2, 2004

Thursday Morning Short Hits

by Steve

Exactly how well can Bill Frist make a case for himself as a good steward of the public’s finances during his 2008 presidential run when he can’t even manage his own investments and campaign funds effectively? But on further reflection, as evidenced by the rise of George W. Bush, when did it matter to the GOP whether or not their nominees actually had a track record of being a successful businessman or being able to pay your debts? He, like Bush, wants to tout Social Security privatization when it is clear that he and his own people don’t know how to make investments with something as inconsequential as stock index funds. Such funds are the same vehicles that the Bush Administration proposes to allow workers to self-direct earnings into, and away from Social Security. Imagine TV ads showing news clips of this story contrasted against the Bush/GOP proposal for privatization, asking viewers “If Bill Frist can lose his shirt, why do he and George W. Bush think you should risk your Social Security doing the same thing?”

Tom Friedman slams the Bush Administration for creating a “9/11 Bubble” of fiscal mismanagement.

As his price for not fighting the confirmation of Alberto Gonzales for Attorney General, New York Senator Charles Schumer got Gonzales to recuse himself yesterday from the Valerie Plame investigation. This is another example of the Democrats being stupid and getting bamboozled by the Bush Administration. Schumer is willing to look the other way on Gonzales’ Abu Ghraib fingerprints, and his other transgressions. Pathetic, Senator Schumer, just pathetic.

And Bush’s New England campaign chief was indicted yesterday by a federal grand jury for his role in a phone-jamming maneuver during the 2002 midterms in a close Senate race between New Hampshire Governor Jeanne Shaheen and John E. Sunnunu, who ultimately won. Gee, who’da thunk a Bush campaign person would do such a thing?

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