Thursday :: Dec 2, 2004

A Cold Day In Hell's Kitchen Is On The Way

by pessimist

I don't have a lot of time to jump on this article, but something isn't adding up.

Lately, there have been lots of articles posted , even just last weekend, talking about the rise in oil prices. Suddenly as of Monday, prices were dropping like a rock. There are lots of articles out there that basically say this:

The rout is on in oil: Prices continue tumble

Now, I happen to be very suspicious of this coincidental decrease in oil prices, especially when I hear such specious rationales as this:

"Distillates remain below the average range for this time of year, but demand for heating fuel at the moment is low and is likely to remain so over the next couple of weeks given moderate forecasts for the eastern and Midwestern U.S."

This is a bunch of Texas Brahma leavin's as far as I'm concerned! Out here in 'Warm' Sunny SoCal, we're having record-tying cold weather - and weather patterns being what they are, what we now have will affect the East Coast within a week.

So this is another Bu$hCo lie. The truth hides within the articles closing paragraphs:

Crude stocks are building too as OPEC oil producers pump at the highest level in 25 years and signals from the cartel that they will keep pumping at current levels are also weighing on prices.

But here's the trump card waiting to be played:

OPEC's outgoing president and secretary general said Thursday that the group will allow members to continue pumping above official quotas in the first quarter of next year if oil prices stay high.

That isn't going to happen.

What this is about is Bu$hCo wants people to have a few more sheckels to deposit with Wal-Mart now that they know they aren't going to break any profit records this holiday season. A few phone calls to influential OPEC ministers wouldn't take more than a few hours at most, and would explain the short duration for the price reversal.

But in January, when Old Man Winter will be raging furiously, oil prices and supplies will again reverse, and we'll be reading about the sick and elderly who froze to death in unheated apartments.

You read it here first.

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