Thursday :: Dec 2, 2004

Bush To Soil Medal Of Freedom With Three Failures

by Steve

Amazing chutzpah, even from this president.

Bush will bestow the nation’s highest civilian honor on three men associated with one of our worst foreign policy mistakes. Bush will “honor” Tommy Franks, George Tenet, and Paul Bremer with the Medal of Freedom at a ceremony on December 14.

Bush is going to soil the nation’s highest honor by awarding it to:

·a general who allowed Bin Laden to escape at Tora Bora, oversaw an illegal diversion of resources for an unapproved war, and then sold out our troops in Iraq;

·a CIA director under whose watch 9/11 took place and the nonexistent “slam dunk” Iraqi WMDs never materialized; and

·an administrator who ran a corrupt and incompetent occupation tainted with war crimes.

I’m sure the residents of Iraq will applaud the “freedom” that Bush is commemorating with these "awards." But if I were any of these three accepting these awards while Iraq is in shambles, Bin Laden is at large, and Afghanistan is sliding back into being the world’s largest producer of heroin, I would be embarrassed.

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