Thursday :: Dec 2, 2004

Don't Forget About Sinclair

by rayman

You would think that Sinclair Broadcasting would have been chastened by the Stolen Honor fiasco, given the overwhelmingly negative reaction, along with their tanking stock value. Alas, they haven't learned their lesson, as Media Matters informs us:

Every day, Sinclair Broadcast Group broadcasts "The Point," a one-minute conservative commentary by Sinclair vice president Mark Hyman, on the 62 TV stations Sinclair owns or operates. "The Point" contains a steady stream of one-sided anti-progressive and pro-Bush rhetoric that is broadcast without a progressive counterpoint.

Media Matters for America examined all segments of "The Point" that have aired since the November 2 presidential election. Hyman repeatedly attacked Senator John Kerry, former President Bill Clinton and his administration, and other prominent Democrats and progressives. Hyman charged liberal media bias and made repeated references to "The Angry Left." Hyman's commentaries also served to promote President George W. Bush and his policies and proposals with little critique. And several contained misleading claims.

MM goes on to provide a detailed list highlighting Hymen's transgressions. Fox News is bad enough, but this is full-fledged Soviet-style propaganda. Unbelievable.

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