Friday :: Dec 3, 2004

I Knew This Would Happen

by pessimist

Women's Lib is definitely dead, killed by Osama bin Laden and four hijacked airliners. It's come to this:

Passenger slaps airport security guard with boarding pass

A woman who objected to being frisked may be charged with assault for slapping an airport security guard's face with her boarding pass, police said.

The 48-year-old woman swatted the agent after being told she had to be patted down for repeatedly setting off metal detectors before her flight Wednesday, Lt. Tod Dahle said.

"She said if anybody was going to touch her, she was going to touch them," Dahle said. She was "just an average middle-aged person who got upset."

The woman was allowed to leave on another flight, but police plan to pursue a misdemeanor assault charge, Dahle said.

Based on this logic, should a male 'security' officer decide to use his personal appendage to conduct a body cavity search, are we to assume that she will be arrested if she refues to comply?

Ladies - cash in your airline tickets and refuse to fly until this travesty of justice is reversed!

Money talks - make Bu$hCo walk.

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