Friday :: Dec 3, 2004

Rummy, The Lone Holdover

by Steve

If you want an idea of what kind of foreign policy youíll see in a second term, think about what Bush will pursue without one moderate voice in the room. At the end of the Bush cabinet turnover, did you have at least faint hopes that Rummy would be gone also?

Forget it. It looks like the only holdover in the entire cabinet will be the one man who insulted allies, condoned war crimes, and embarked on a war with too few troops and logistical support to win the peace.

So no moderates will be in the room when Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Rice, Wolfowitz, and Hadley plan their next adventure. And this also means that Douglas Feith and Stephen Cambone will stick around also.

A room full of imperialists and neocons, and not one diplomatic or multilateral thought amongst them.

Iím sure that Powell, Armitage, Danforth, and Tenet feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that they were nothing more than window dressing during the first term, and that the hardliners outlived all of them. How effective will a team of Rice and Rummy be in dealing with our allies for the next four years on critical issues like Iran and North Korea?

Remember, with these guys disregard their words and pay attention to what Bush actually does.

Years from now, historians will be teaching the downfalls of groupthink by using the second term Bush Administration as a textbook case.

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