Sunday :: Dec 5, 2004

We Got It Wrong About Bu$h

by pessimist

For a while now, those of us on the Left who actually LISTEN to the words of George Warmonger Bu$h have had a field day lampooning his malaprops and mispronunciations. Listen to how he pronounces 'American' for example. It seemed to come out 'Merkin', and this is where we misunderestimated him. It's time we got edjimicated.

George Warmonger Bu$h isn't saying 'Mairkin' or 'Merkin' - he's saying 'MORE-kin'

More as in increased quantity.

Remember his advice to the American people after 9/11? Go shopping - i.e., spend MORE money. Buy MORE things you really don't need so that my sponsors will have MORE profits, and then they will have MORE money to give me MORE power.

Remember his economic policy? He wants MORE tax relief for those who already have MORE than the rest of us combined.

Remember his foreign policy? It can be boiled down to - 'I need MORE of your troops and capital so that my people can have MORE of the world's resources sold to them MORE by American multinationals than any others.'

And his domestic security policy? 'I need MORE power to act as I see fit.'

More, MORE, MORE! How d'you like it? How d'you like it? More, MORE, MORE! How d'you like it? How d'you like your Gov?

We are the MORE-conned People. What MORE do I need to say?

Deck the malls
Holiday season means unsustainable consumer madness

Ho, ho, ho, my ass.

It's the decidedly unholy emphasis on buying, rammed down our throats by every single radio and TV ad and the ever-thickening papers from October onward, all reminding us in one or another fashion that we're supposed to give people (including ourselves) Stuff. Lots of Stuff. Actually, skip the giving; just shut up and buy it. God doesn't really care what we do with it all afterwards, He just wants us to consume.

The global economy is utterly reliant these days on the willingness of the American consumer to spend, preferably far beyond our means. Which, thanks to credit cards, is exactly what we're doing, at ever-more-unsustainable rates.

And speaking of unsustainable, that Stuff all has to come from somewhere, and go somewhere after we're done playing with it, and we're running out of room. Our society produces more garbage than we know what to do with, and the material resources needed to manufacture all this Stuff are -- in the petroleum that makes the plastic, the metals that go into the semi-conductor chips -- exceedingly finite. We'll run out some day, and it's a dicey game to rely on technology to invent new ways of exploiting our tired planet before we exhaust the old ones.

But none of that matters! The Rapture is about to happen!

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