Sunday :: Dec 5, 2004

Another Voice We DON'T Need To Hear From

by pessimist

With the exception of Bill Clinton, the emeritus roster of the Democratic Party only includes losers. (I count Carter among these for not winning reelection in 1980 - a tough prospect, admittedly.)

While this by itself doesn't merit exclusion or ostracism, there has to be a certain identification and understanding in the former candidate of WHY they lost their respective campaigns. This year, we heard some words of wisdom from Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, and Gary Hart that either came too late or weren't heeded at all by the Democrats.

But now the election is a done deal (except for all the recounts due to blatant voter fraud), and only now do we hear from the GOP's favorite Democratic Poster Boy for LOSER: Michael Dukakis.

Dukakis to Dems: Get back to ‘roots’

Dukakis offered a tough assessment of the George W. Bush administration – and criticized "my party" for losing touch with its strong suit – grassroots politicking. "We didn’t do a grassroots job this year," said Dukakis, addressing a nearly full house in the Lifelong Learning Center at FAU. "It should have been done in all 50 states, in every precinct, no exceptions."

And you're telling us something we don't already know?

Dukakis said he still feels going house-to-house is important. "You have to connect with all people. If you go to a house and the person there is a registered Republican, so what? Maybe his wife is a Democrat."

Thanks, Mike, but didn't you see the report that married women were more likely to vote Republican than not?

Want to know which candidate a woman is likely to support for president? Look at her ring finger. It may sound like the start of a bad joke, but the fact is most married women say they'll vote for President Bush.

The "marriage gap" — the difference in the vote between married and unmarried women — is an astonishing 38 percentage points, according to aggregated USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Polls.

The marriage gap isn't new. In 1984, the difference in the presidential votes of married and unmarried women was 17 percentage points, according to surveys taken as voters left polling places. There was a 21-point marriage gap in 1992, a 29-point gap in 1996, a 32-point gap in 2000.

There weren't any stats for 1988, the year Dukakis ran for president, but looking at the years that bracket his campaign, it's probably fair to suggest that his marriage gap was about 19%.

But this wasn't the only advice Dukakis had to offer the Democrats:

With the Internet, a grassroots campaign should be a cinch, said the ex-Bay State governor who recalled his own door-to-door campaigning through the streets of his native Brookline. "The Internet allows candidates and campaigns at all levels to organize grassroots efforts for virtually no cost," he said. "When I was running for office, you had to put aside about 25 percent of your budget for grassroots campaigning." With the Internet, he said, "You can get a contribution, thank the person and ask them to get involved in the campaign."

Hey, Mike! You ever heard of Howard Dean??? His campaign taught the Democrats a whole lot about the Internet that they didn't know just a year before. John Kerry's campaign benefitted greatly from the Dean campaign's pioneering efforts.

Tell you what, Mike. Stick with teaching, and leave the politics to those who are somewhat tuned in. Things are already bad enough without your help.

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