Tuesday :: Dec 7, 2004

DC on the Volga

by rayman

One of the most maddening aspects of the past 4 years is Bush's need to surround himself with yes-men and sycophants, to the exclusion of any independent or dissenting voices. Of course, this will type of "groupthink on steroids" will only get worse during the second term. But having a pliant politburo staffed with gutless apparatchiks can lead to serious consequences, as Dubya's "soulmate" in Moscow is finding out:

"Putin should understand this isn't the Soviet Union," said Vafa Guluzade, a former government foreign policy adviser in Azerbaijan. "The time for appointing Russian marionettes is over."

Factors in Putin's gaffes appear to be Soviet-era habits of thinking, forged during his earlier career as a KGB intelligence officer, as well as reliance on a narrow Kremlin circle of advisers, analysts said.


Putin remains overly focused on a friend-or-foe outlook from the Cold War, Volk said, and on finding local leaders whose strings he can pull.

Trenin said one flaw in Putin's decision-making was relying only on a narrow circle of advisers in the Kremlin, to the exclusion of the Foreign Ministry and outside experts.

The result is "a colossal concentration of foreign policy decisions in the hands and the heads of only a few people, who rely only on government channels of information and analysis," Trenin said.

Hmm...where have we heard this before?

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