Wednesday :: Dec 8, 2004

A Goner On Sunday, Snow Now Keeps His Job At Treasury

by Steve

Sunday, an adviser to the White House privately told the New York Times that "a firm decision had been made to replace Mr Snow as soon as Mr Bush could settle on a successor."
--Wire Story, Monday December 6

President Bush asked Treasury Secretary John Snow to stay in his job on Wednesday and Snow agreed to do so, ending a frenzy of speculation that the 65-year-old former railroad executive was about to be replaced. Many administration officials and outside advisers to the White House were aghast at the comment that appeared in the Washington Post. To many, it seemed a gratuitous slap to a Cabinet secretary known for his loyalty to Bush.
--Reuters, today

Just another day in the moral clarity, message discipline Bush Administration. Note that this advisor told both the Post and the NYT that Snow was a goner.

Too bad they didnít feel the same way about Veterans Affairs Secretary Anthony Principi. But at least he wasnít left swirling in the breeze for several days.

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